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Darren James is a veteran DJ from Daventry in Northamptonshire primarily recognized for his work in the dance industry and now making the leap into radio. Touring with Euphoria Albums in the early noughties and guest DJing all over the world, he cut his teeth on turntables playing at countless raves in the 90s. Just about every high street bar and club in Northamptonshire in the 90s and 00s saw a stint from Darren and he held many residencies in most of them.
As well as producing his own music as Assertion, Mass Distraction and Attic Antics, he is also a writer, screenwriter, and graphic designer when it all gets a "bit too loud".
Though his DJing career always had a firm foot in house and dance music, his love of 80s electronica and new wave has always influenced his music choices and producing, but he likes all kinds of music; especially unheard rare indie tracks, and all genres can be heard in his sets and "free-form" shows.
After a long and successful stint at Daventry Radio, he now joins Qube radio.
His past shows and mixes can be heard on his Mixcloud page, 'attic-sessions' if you like Indie and House.