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Mike B is the immigrant (fully legal, he promises) of the Qube family having originally hailed from a small town called Benoni in Johannesburg, South Africa. His love for radio began when he realised he could do radio shows in his PJ’s and listen to music all day long. Mike studied at the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London and as a kid, attended the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy which was run by Anita Hollis, sister of acclaimed actor Andy Serkis.

Throughout the years, Mike has gone on to perform various theatre shows at venues around Johannesburg including the renowned Joburg Theatre in 2015. For 11 years, Mike was an avid member, later becoming vice-chairman, of the Benoni theatre society, Protea Stage Productions, and during his time wrote, directed and starred in over 20 productions.


In 2017, Mike started an entertainment company in Joburg and joined his local community station, Caxton Radio, where he presented the weekly ‘Whats On’ segment. After realising the grass was greener on the other side, Mike moved to the UK in 2019 and began presenting ‘A Saffa in the UK’ for Caxton where he gave South Africans looking to emigrate the lowdown on life in the UK.


Today, when a global pandemic isn’t confiding him to his four walls at home, Mike is a cruise ship entertainer and travels the world performing and presenting in front of 800+ passengers. He definitely describes it as ‘the best of both worlds – getting paid to travel and doing what I love!’


Mike is honoured and excited to join the Qube Radio team and have his voice heard all over the world because everything sounds sexier in a South African accent, apparently…