Decks... and so much more!

Updated: Feb 12

I cut my teeth on vinyl turntables and was DJing at raves and nightclubs by the time I was 18. Before CDS and MP3s. Lunking crates of heavy 12" records everywhere was not nice but there was nothing like the feel of a Technics SL1210 under my hands.

Fast forward to 2021 and the technology that is available now has re-invented the way we use turntables.

Not really a Radio thing, but fascinating nonetheless.

Have a look at this video I made for Jo (SG) for her music class that asks "are turntables an instrument?"

I would say no, and I'd rather know how to play piano than DJ any day of the week, but computers allow us to produce 'on-the-fly" using loops and samples, and that is what I go into in this video.