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It's £3.40 per month you can become a supporter and have access to lots of extra content made and saved especially for our closest friends.

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What's in it for me?

See that Supporter's tab up there? That's the VIP section where supporters receive a little bit extra. Access to the VIP section of our website includes you in any Social Media developments, initiatives, and events that Qube undertakes as it grows.

You will get access to behind the scenes videos, interviews, mixes, free music downloads, exclusive specials and shows, personalized greetings and birthday messages, potential meet-and-greets with any celebrities we interview and all of the staff here (Covid/distance permitting of course) and anything we can think of.

See something in Anthony's lounge during a stream? It's yours.

I'm a millionaire, how can I help?

That would be really neat!

Seriously though, we can offer sponsorship deals with companies and entrepreneurs. We can discuss the terms and prices but in return we will carry your logo and branding on our site and social media platforms which have a monthly reach of up to 50,000 people globally.

We will also produce and broadcast a professional ad or jingle with regular frequency during the shows and host interviews, features, podcasts and other information about your company so our listeners know exactly who you are and what you do.