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Tony H is 35 and from West Cumbria which is way ‘upt’ North.  He first got interested in radio and broadcasting when he was 16 and beginning to DJ at birthday parties and private functions.


A 9 year stint in the Royal Air Force unfortunately put his DJing on hold but did introduce him to the town of Northampton where he played Rugby League for the Northampton Demons for a couple of years before leaving the forces and moving back to Cumbria with Mrs H and their 3 children.


At 32 he reignited his passion for music and broadcasting in the shape of a Podcast which aimed to highlight local Cumbrian Musicians, it was here he began to shape his presenting style.  He then joined a local community radio station (set up at the beginning of lockdown) where he soon found his feet and began producing shows regularly, soon becoming one of the forefront presenters on the station.  His biggest achievement was raising £1400 for the Teenage Cancer Trust by doing a 24 Hour Radiothon, he began at 6pm on a Friday and went right through with no sleep until 6pm on the Saturday.


Feeling ready to advance his career, Tony looked for somewhere bigger and better to call his ‘Radio Home’ and he found it right here at Qube Radio!


Catch Tony H aka ‘Mr Friday Night’ at 7pm every Friday for his ‘Weekend Starter’ show where he plays non stop hits and gifts you the listeners with his unrelenting banter.  And then every Saturday at 4pm with a mix of music and chat.


Weekly Mixes and Radio shows from Tony H can be found here:

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