"Troosers" McDonald, (Donald Paterson) is from the Forth valley in central Scotland and is father to three daughters, grandad to three at present. Born on 31st of December 1969 at 23:55, he technically saw the last 5 minutes of the 60s.

"I've always had an interest in music, I love listening to music, many styles and genre's. I grew up listening to radio, playing records and tapes more than watching TV, infact I go to sleep every night listening to music, always have and always will."


Qube is his first post in the music or entertainment industry, and in fact worked in heavy industry for 30 years, before giving it up to do what he'd wanted to do for many years; working in care.


"Doing my job now, gives me great joy with the people I work with. Music has a big part to play in my approach to working with adults and challenging behaviours. Everyone no matter what, has a song or tune they like. Once you find that, music helps make bonds and friendships. Just seeing their faces when they get a mention on the radio is Magic. Being part of the Qube family has allowed me to make friends and give joy through music."